"One of the best experiences I have simply ever had." 


"Yen is by far the best experience I have ever had including the girls I have dated."


"She is gorgeous, starting with the fact that she was dressed to hit the town."


"One of a kind, top-notch provider."


"One of the things that I think is particularly difficult in this hobby to be able to replicate an excellent experience, much less a stellar one. We are just human, being on top of our game can be tough day to day. I have seen Yenchan twice now and she has only improved on my initial out of this world meeting. It's pretty clear from all of her reviews that she is really consistently putting her energy into making us happier people." 


"She kept in contact about the appointment, was on time, and treated me like I really mattered. She is extremely intelligent, personable, and has a great sense of humor."


"She has such a wonderful mind and she's very intelligent. She knows how to take very good care of you and make sure you're very confrontable doing so."

"This lady is truly a rare find. I have seen her several times, and left every encounter feeling 100% satisfied and yet already planning a return date. This level of consistency is remarkable."


"High class......and bad ass."


"Very stunning physique with the right curves. Quite a jovial girl and made me feel at ease. Definitely loves to please with a lot of extra touch and care."


"She is a red hot, exotic. I can't imagine having a better time. She made me feel like a king and I will repeat for sure."


"This has been my third visit with this amazing woman. And it just keeps getting better."


"Yen Chan is a stunner I can't get enough of!"


"She's very easy going, chill, relax and a true pleaser."


"Top shelf experience."


"Yen Chan off the charts! YEN is a knockout who got me wound up and kept me that way until the end..."


"Elegance and beauty. Yen is all about making your time with her memorable."


"Elegant seductress."


"A pure desire and an exotic escape." 


"Like meeting a girl from a Prince song."


"Anyone who adores Asian providers should schedule a visit (or 2 or 6) with Yen, but make sure you schedule plenty of time and eat your Wheaties beforehand."


"When with Yen, you'll be in Zen."


"Yen Chan is a mythical creature come to life." 


"Simply magnificent."


"Yes the legendary YENCHAN!"


"Yen is a gem."


"She is very intuitive as to your needs and goes the extra mile to make sure they are met. This is a lady of intelligence, humor and charm, and very much so worth seeing multiple times, as I am sure each time would be just as exciting as the last."


"She is extremely sexy."


"Every once in a while you find a true gem, this lady is so beautiful and exquisite its hard to believe. She is not only beautiful and stunning, but her hair makeup, and her clothing are second to none."